Who are we

And what are our values?

We are a family, manufacturer company with 20 years experience in heating industry.
We mainly produce accessories for central heating and floor heating, including individual preferences of our clients.
Our priority is a guarantee of quality and competitiveness, based on our longstanding experience in metal processing.
Over time, we have been successfully and constantly improving the quality of our products. Our high standards and client preferences led us to achieving the Declaration of Conformity for our manifolds. We have been valued by our customers across domestic and international market, who describes us as trustworthy partner, whose goal was always to satisfy customer at the first place.

Quality approved by Declaration of Conformity
Reliable equipment
Short lead time
Competitive prices


Floor heating manifolds.

Why we choose

Floor heating?

Reasons why floor heating is one of the most popular among heating systems.
  • lower maintanance costs
  • the most beneficial temperature gradient
  • functionality
  • hygiene
  • aesthetics
  • durability
  • self regulation


Floor heating manifolds.


Central heating manifolds.


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